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DNA and genealogy - what DNA tests can reveal about your family tree

We all have two Family Trees – one that we can build up from family stories and genealogical records, and another that’s hidden within your DNA. DNA testing for family history purposes is now cheap and accessible. Many people are using these tests and finding new cousins and breaking down stubborn brick walls in tracing their family tree. What are these DNA tests and what do they reveal? What if there are unexpected results and your two Family Trees don’t agree with each other?... [More]

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Honey Bee High Tea

TIME: December 9, 2017 2.30 pm – 4.30pm LOCATION: University Club Restaurant PRICE: $45.00 per person ART: December 9, 2017 2:30 pm END: December 9, 2017 4:30 pm LOCATION: Club Restaurant PRICE: $45.00 per person The Bee industry is rapidly growing in Australia. In this event, held in conjunction with the Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products, you will be guided through the history of bee-keeping, the rare place Western Australia holds in the world of honey and future... [More]

How to keep a beehive

Did you ever want to have your own beehive? Or perhaps you just want to take better care of your bees. Please only attend if you have been stung by a bee in the past and do not have a serious bee allergy. This basic overview explains how to manage a healthy, productive honeybee colony. Learn how to work with these fascinating insects and produce your own local honey. The theory section will take you through the logistics of starting in bees, how to use your equipment, how to... [More]

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Better brain health - creating a fitter brain

Just as physical health improves wellbeing, being brain fit helps you learn effectively, remember more and maintain clear thinking when under pressure. Learn how your lifestyle impacts your brain and how to retain your intellect across the lifespan. This workshop will enable you to develop your own brain fitness program based on healthy nutrition, mental challenge, stress management and physical exercise. This course will be held at The University Club of Western Australia. Lunch... [More]

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Boost your brain power!

Thinking is the new black. While we worry about being replaced by machines, we forget what really matters at any age, is how well we think, learn and remember. It’s time to rediscover the lost art of great thinking and enjoy the benefits of increased focus, clarity and curiosity. It begins with building greater awareness of what it takes to create a fit and healthy brain. In this class you will, • Meet your brain, • Discover the Seven Healthy Brain Essentials • Determine your... [More]

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Fit, Fast and Focused - How to reclaim time and focus!

Fit, Fast and Focused – How to reclaim time, focus on what matters and get more done! It’s no secret. Life and work is becoming increasingly more complex and complicated. Busy is the new norm, so how can you regain control over your ever-expanding to-do list, the constant barrage of interruptions and feeling under too much pressure? It’s time to press pause and consider • The best way to focus your attention to be a more effective learner, and recall what matters at the right time... [More]

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The science of happiness

Everyone wants to be happy and there are many ways to define and pursue happiness. But how many of those ways are supported by science? Learn the fundamentals of positive psychology and explore wellbeing, happiness and human potential from a whole new perspective. Discover what happiness is according to science, the important role it plays in our lives, and the benefits it brings. Let positive psychology expert Annika Rose guide you through the insights from research and how to... [More]

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Uncovering the literary history of the wheatbelt

Dr. Tony Hughes-d’Aeth, author of Like Nothing on this Earth: A Literary History of the Wheatbelt, will examine the creation of the wheatbelt through its creative writing. Some of Australia’s most significant writers used their experiences of this landscape in their writing, providing insights into the human and environmental effects of this experiment of mass-scale agriculture. [More]

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