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Boost your brain power!

Thinking is the new black. While we worry about being replaced by machines, we forget what really matters at any age, is how well we think, learn and remember. It’s time to rediscover the lost art of great thinking and enjoy the benefits of increased focus, clarity and curiosity. It begins with building greater awareness of what it takes to create a fit and healthy brain. In this class you will, • Meet your brain, • Discover the Seven Healthy Brain Essentials • Determine your... [More]

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Emotional Lives of Pre - Modern Children

Discover children’s attitudes to children and childrearing methods from the perspective of children who lived during the tumultuous centuries of change from the Black Death until the eighteenth century. Explore historical books and toys for children and how children were educated, how children played, and what difference the Reformation brought to the lives of children. [More]

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How Children Learn Language

By about three years old, every human has performed one of the most complex cognitive feats in the animal kingdom: learning a language. How do they do it, and when? And what can adults do to encourage a child’s language learning? This session is an accessible look at child language acquisition and its implications for the human mind. There are also some adorable baby videos. [More]

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Interpersonal Communication Skills

Communicating successfully depends on effective use of communication strategies and behaviours. Words, facial and body movements, tone of voice, even clothing and situation, all form an intricate symbol system that must be quickly translated by those who want to communicate. It has been said that there is no communication unless a mutual sharing of meaning takes place. It has also been said that one cannot NOT communicate. These two ideas seem to oppose one another, but they are... [More]

The science of happiness

Everyone wants to be happy and there are many ways to define and pursue happiness. But how many of those ways are supported by science? Learn the fundamentals of positive psychology and explore wellbeing, happiness and human potential from a whole new perspective. Discover what happiness is according to science, the important role it plays in our lives, and the benefits it brings. Let positive psychology expert Annika Rose guide you through the insights from research and how to... [More]

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