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Intermediate Photoshop CS5

This is an online course. To find out how our online courses work, please click here. If you’re already using the basic tools in Adobe Photoshop CS5, take your photo-editing skills to a new level! In this course, you’ll become an expert at using layers, layer masks, and other advanced features that let you change images easily long after you create them (and long after the Photoshop “undo” command expires). Non-destructive editing lets you work faster and reuse parts of images over... [More]

DNA and genealogy - what DNA tests can reveal about your family tree

Millions of people around the globe are enthusiastically charting their bloodlines. Genealogy has become a cultural phenomenon! Join Genealogist Mike Murray in our upcoming seminar and learn what DNA tests can reveal about your family tree. We all have two family trees – one that we can build up from family stories and genealogical records, and another that’s hidden within your DNA. Easy access to inexpensive DNA testing is revealing family secrets, breaking down stubborn brick... [More]

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Wild about flowers - wildflower photography for everyone

Digital cameras enable anyone to make close up and macro images of WA’s spectacular wildflowers. Whether you have a DSLR or a compact you can learn the controls and features on your camera to produce pin sharp, correctly exposed wildflower images with accurate colour. This day course includes a classroom session, lunch and a hands-on field session among the flowers. Learn with Master Photographer Dale Neill. Wildflower image by Gail, one of Dale Neill's past students. Digital... [More]

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Ten-minute sketches for absolute beginners

Absolute Beginners, enjoy a fast and loose, creative approach capturing the essence of your subject! Fun, easy techniques help you simplify basic art processes. You’ll use a variety of loose media helping you to free up... including markers, coloured pastels, graphite sticks, charcoal, conte, pens, ink. Great for unlocking artistic blocks, with a fun and expressive approach! THINGS TO KNOW Professional art materials provided. Light lunch is provided. If you have any special dietary... [More]

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Practical photography (advanced)

This advanced workshop takes you beyond the basics of photography. This workshop is designed to examine and utilise some of the intricate image-adjusting controls buried deep inside your sub-menus. The workshop also provides you with new advanced practical skills, showing you how to test each of your lenses for sharpness, how to accurately copy works of art and how to set a Manual White Balance for precise and accurate colour. The theme is the optimising camera’s functions for low... [More]

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Greater Persia and its role along the Silk Road – The Mongol period and beyond

The Ilkhanid period in Persia (1256-1353) marks a particularly close connection of this historical, cultural and geographical area with the rest of Asia and Europe, due to the establishment of the largest domain the world has ever seen, the Mongol Empire. Persia’s interaction with its nominal rulers, the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368), was continuous and fecund along the Silk Road, resulting in a period of great mutual influence also in the cultural and artistic spheres. The talk will... [More]

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Art Appreciation & History

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the pleasures of art appreciation and Art History in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This four week course will examine different ways of looking and appreciating art while considering aspects of Art History (with an emphasis on Renaissance and Twentieth Century Art) . No prior knowledge is necessary for the course. Richard Gunning is a figurative painter who has been exhibiting since 1984 and is represented in all of the major... [More]

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Politics, art and madness in Putin’s Russia

Russian artists have often deployed ostensibly ‘mad’ tactics to provoke public response, and provide commentary on social and political affairs. In turn, Russian authorities have turned to the label of madness to discredit, marginalise and institutionalise artists who dared to engage in such activities. In this fascinating public talk Dr Iva Glisic will explore historical and contemporary examples of the interplay between politics, art and madness in Russia, providing insight into... [More]

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The History of Avant-garde Art

The course explores the evolution and social significance of avant-garde art, from its inception in the early 20th century through to the present day. Beginning in Northern Italy – the birthplace of Futurism – the course will travel through time and space, visiting France, Germany, Russia, Japan and United States. Finally we return to present-day Perth, the home of one of the ground-breaking contemporary creative practice of Bio-art, to consider what exactly is meant by the... [More]

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Introduction to Modern Art

Join artist Richard Gunning, as he explores the history of Modern Art in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The three week course will examine the exciting and dynamic changes that took place in art as it responded to, and occasionally anticipated a rapidly changing world. It is a period that has produced some of the most powerful, and at times bewildering, and beautiful works in Western Art. This is a course for anyone who is curious about the art of our times and its not too... [More]

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