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Introduction to Portraiture

Karen will demonstrate and show you her tricks for getting a likeness. You will work through techniques and exercises to learn how standard proportions fit with faces that you wish to draw. We will work from photographs and then from a carefully lit model in both graphite and charcoal. Some drawing experience is necessary for this workshop. [More]
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DNA and genealogy - what DNA tests can reveal about your family tree

We all have two Family Trees – one that we can build up from family stories and genealogical records, and another that’s hidden within your DNA. DNA testing for family history purposes is now cheap and accessible. Many people are using these tests and finding new cousins and breaking down stubborn brick walls in tracing their family tree. What are these DNA tests and what do they reveal? What if there are unexpected results and your two Family Trees don’t agree with each other?... [More]

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Shine: The essentials of self-care

Increase your self-awareness, invest in your self-care and learn simple strategies to stress less. Say hello to a happier, healthier you! Learn all about being kinder to yourself and try proven practices to make you feel happier and boost your overall sense of well-being and self-acceptance. This course is presented by Annika Rose,  a well respected social entrepreneur, well-being scientist and meditation teacher. She has worked as a mental health professional in both the UK and... [More]

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Getting the most out of Facebook

Facebook is far more than just seeing photos of new babies or your friend’s holiday. This workshop will begin with the basics of setting up your Facebook profile properly and with the right privacy settings, and talk about the various ways to upload photo and videos, as well as the ins and outs of interacting with what other people post. Beyond connecting with your family and friends, Facebook has all kinds of useful aspects. We will cover Facebook messenger, the power of Facebook... [More]

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The science of happiness

Everyone wants to be happy and there are many ways to define and pursue happiness. But how many of those ways are supported by science? Learn the fundamentals of positive psychology and explore wellbeing, happiness and human potential from a whole new perspective. Discover what happiness is according to science, the important role it plays in our lives, and the benefits it brings. Let positive psychology expert Annika Rose guide you through the insights from research and how to... [More]

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