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The Insider's Guide to Horror in Baroque Art

Prepare to be horrified! Far from being the reserve of Stephen King’s novels or the movies, horror is one of the oldest genres of the literary and visual arts. In this class, we will explore what frightened seventeenth-century viewers about the works of artists like Caravaggio or the Neapolitan painter Jusepe Ribera. We will study how these paintings demanded attention by dissolving boundaries between the artwork and the external world of the viewer. Immersing ourselves in Baroque... [More]

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Politics, art and madness in Putin’s Russia

Russian artists have often deployed ostensibly ‘mad’ tactics to provoke public response, and provide commentary on social and political affairs. In turn, Russian authorities have turned to the label of madness to discredit, marginalise and institutionalise artists who dared to engage in such activities. In this fascinating public talk Dr Iva Glisic will explore historical and contemporary examples of the interplay between politics, art and madness in Russia, providing insight into... [More]

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The History of Avant-garde Art

The course explores the evolution and social significance of avant-garde art, from its inception in the early 20th century through to the present day. Beginning in Northern Italy – the birthplace of Futurism – the course will travel through time and space, visiting France, Germany, Russia, Japan and United States. Finally we return to present-day Perth, the home of one of the ground-breaking contemporary creative practice of Bio-art, to consider what exactly is meant by the... [More]

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Honey Bee High Tea

TIME: December 9, 2017 2.30 pm – 4.30pm LOCATION: University Club Restaurant PRICE: $45.00 per person ART: December 9, 2017 2:30 pm END: December 9, 2017 4:30 pm LOCATION: Club Restaurant PRICE: $45.00 per person The Bee industry is rapidly growing in Australia. In this event, held in conjunction with the Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products, you will be guided through the history of bee-keeping, the rare place Western Australia holds in the world of honey and future... [More]

Emotional Lives of Pre - Modern Children

Discover children’s attitudes to children and childrearing methods from the perspective of children who lived during the tumultuous centuries of change from the Black Death until the eighteenth century. Explore historical books and toys for children and how children were educated, how children played, and what difference the Reformation brought to the lives of children. [More]

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Laughing with Shakespeare - a humorous look at the comedies

From famous cross-dressing in Twelfth Night to magical misunderstandings in A Midsummer Night’s Dream how can we uncover the humour in comedies written hundreds of years ago? Take a journey with local Shakespearean scholar Bríd Phillips as she leads you on a journey through the iconic, the twisted, and the wonderful. Gain an understanding of how comedy functioned in Shakespeare’s England while enjoying a merry romp through his most famous comedic works. [More]

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The Insider's Guide to the Fortunes of New Fortune

The New Fortune Theatre within the Arts Building at UWA is famous as an exact reconstruction of the Fortune Playhouse, built in London in 1600, when Shakespeare was writing and staging his plays. It is an unrivalled resource for research and performance which can enlighten us about Elizabethan staging practices. Join Dr Ciara Rawnsley and explore the lively history and unique value of this unrivalled resource. Hear the colourful tale of how the theatre came to be built; see rare... [More]

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