Introduction to InDesign CS5

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In this Adobe InDesign CS5 class, you’ll get hands-on desktop publishing training and come away knowing how to use this popular page layout software to design and create professional-quality letterhead, business cards, brochures, PDF files that play movies, and more. You’ll discover that you don’t need to be a designer or an artist to produce beautiful documents!

In each lesson, we’ll cover an important aspect of InDesign CS5 as you prepare a range of print and online products for Natalie, the fictional owner of Natalie’s Nautical Emporium. You’ll get dozens of files to use in the lessons—partially completed InDesign files, as well as the graphics, images, fonts and other content required for the project. And to check your work or troubleshoot any problems you encounter, you’ll always get a copy of the finished InDesign project file.

Lesson by lesson, you’ll discover how the program features relate to producing actual usable documents as we explore the best ways to create different types of material, how to organize and name your files, and how to reuse items such as colors and artwork. By the time you finish your InDesign training, you’ll be comfortable with the tools and features that this program offers, and you’ll know the most efficient ways to use it to produce the materials you need for your own work or hobbies.

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Introduction to InDesign CS5 .

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