Intermediate InDesign CS5

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Harness the full power of Adobe InDesign CS5! In this fun, hands-on course, you’ll dig into advanced features that will take your InDesign projects to the next level.

First, you’ll explore tools that help you save time and organize your work, including templates, style sheets, and libraries. Then you’ll work on a variety of fun projects that focus on specific techniques or workflows.

As you create your projects step-by-step, you’ll see how to use object styles, nested styles, and anchored objects. First, you’ll design a graphics-packed two-page spread for a luxury spa. Then you’ll work with tables, custom templates, and color sampling to produce a tent-card menu. After that, you’ll learn about using an InDesign book workflow as you style and assemble an employee handbook.

Next, how about a mail merge? You’ll use this technique to create a photo cube invitation to an art gallery, complete with captions produced from your images' metadata. When it’s time for your guests to RSVP, they’ll do it with an interactive PDF document you’ll create as well.

And what’s your biggest InDesign headache? If you said color, you need this course! In these lessons, you’ll master everything from calibrating your monitor and using the Adobe Color Management System to working with printing tools and managing spot colors and mixed ink.

For the grand finale, you’re going to build and test an eBook, exported from InDesign as an EPUB file. You’ll create your own copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, complete with the original illustrations! By the time you’re done with this final project, you’ll have all the skills and knowledge you need to use InDesign’s advanced features with ease and confidence.

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