Photoshop CS5 for the Digital Photographer II

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Adobe’s Photoshop CS5 is a powerful software solution that provides support and specialized editing tools for digital photographers and graphic artists. If you know the basics of this powerful program, you’re ready to master advanced skills including building collages, doing detailed editing, and restoring old photos. This class is perfect for you if you’re already familiar with cropping, printing, and color adjustments, as well as the use of selection tools, and you want to take your photo-editing skills to the next level. In these lessons, you’ll explore a wide range of options including portrait editing, image distortion, and filters. In addition, you’ll learn how to make the most of Adobe’s award-winning layers option by combining images with layers and combining layered work with CS5’s tabbed windows feature—a great tool for multi-image work. You’ll also see how and when to use raw images, and you’ll discover when to use JPEGs for outstanding prints and projects. You’ll be amazed with the new HDR options and the dynamic results. If you haven’t fully unlocked the mysteries of Photoshop CS5, you’ll find all the answers you need in this course. By the time you complete these fun, easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on activities, you’ll be a true Photoshop guru.

Note: For students who have taken Photoshop for the Digital Photographer with CS2, CS3, or CS4. As of January, 2011, Our Photoshop for the Digital Photographer course has been substantially expanded, rewritten, and updated with CS5 and is now offered in a two-course format.

If you’ve previously taken Photoshop for the Digital Photographer, here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering the new CS5 courses. Photoshop CS5 for the Digital Photographer – Part I will be a review for most of you. It’s updated and expanded and includes CS5-specific content, covering some subjects in more detail, but overall the basic information doesn’t change that much from version to version.

You will find these additions to Part I.
• More detail on sizing, shaping, and image resolution
• More extensive coverage of raw files and using the Camera Raw tool
• More information on using Histograms

Photoshop CS5 for the Digital Photographer II builds on Part I and is a mix of some material from previous versions of the course and completely new topics, along with the new CS5 features. This material will be primarily new for returning students.

So which class to take? If you’ve taken one of my Photoshop for the Digital Photographer courses and feel comfortable with Photoshop and CS5 for basic work, you’ll do well in Part II. If you’d like a refresher with updated material for CS5 and some expanded coverage, you may want to start with Part I. And, of course, students new to Photoshop should start with Part 1 – Photoshop CS5 for the Digital Photographer.

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