Because Language Series: Internet English

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The internet is giving us more than just text abbreviations; it’s accelerating the pace of language change.
New words are being created, emojis are being sent, memes are being fashioned, and communities are being formed.
What does it all mean for English? It’s becoming more awesome, of course, and in this session, you’ll find out how.

What’s in this session
*English is fine: why the internet is not killing language.
*More than LOL: The internet and word creation. What does an emoji mean?
*A short history of memes.
*New societies: language in online communities.

By taking this class, you will be able to:
*Separate fact from fiction on issues of internet language and language change.
*Explain the difference between different modes of internet communication.
*Name some processes of lexical creation.
*Analyse the meaning of emoji and common expressions on the internet.
*Tell about the purpose of memes.