Start your Blog in a Day- private and business

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

Whether you’ve read a few blogs or have never heard of one, this course will get you blogging. Find out how to write and manage a blog, what to include, who your audience is, and how you can even make money from blogging. Participants will have the opportunity to start their own blog.

For beginner bloggers, the process of starting up your blog can seem daunting, but this course will show you how and get you off on the right foot all in just one day. Learn about how to start your blog, choosing your subjects and how to write your blog posts, what kind of content and media to include, how to find out who your audience is and track their every move, and what you should know about copyright and privacy when you’re blogging.

Each participant will begin a blog by setting it up online and writing the first post. We will also cover how to include images and videos and even discuss how you can make money from blogging, all while learning from the ideas of other prospective bloggers.


You will learn about:

  • The characteristics of a blog, and how it all began
  • The mechanics of blogging and the various software platforms available to bloggers
  • How to create a free blog using the site
  • What makes an effective blog post
  • Using images in your blog posts
  • How and why to follow your blog’s statistics
  • Possibilities for making a profit out of blogging
  • How to keep your blog going in the future


Participants MUST bring their own laptop PC or MacBook capable of accessing the WiFi provided.

While not essential, students who have an idea of what topic they want to blog about and have relevant photographs can bring these to use on the day.

This course will be held at The University Club of Western Australia.

Lunch will be provided and is included in the cost.

If you have any special dietary requirements please email our staff on as soon as possible once you have booked. Your early notice is appreciated and assists us in meeting your dietary requirements.