Bibliotherapy-healing the soul through literature

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Workshop 1:
'Bibliotherapy: Healing the Soul Through Literature'
From the first libraries in ancient Egypt and Greece, described as “temples to heal the soul”, it was understood that literature has a profound effect upon the heart and intellect of the reader, allowing a deeper understanding of human nature and its conditions.
Join biblio-enthusiast Alana Marshall over a series of three workshops where you will learn and apply methods and techniques for insightful personal growth through bibliotherapy with the aim of fostering positive mental health.

Workshop 2:
'Applying Bibliotherapy to Your Daily Life'
Join us for the second workshop in this series where we will open our personal reading histories and share the books that have most impacted and influenced our lives in a connected group setting. Through this discussion, we will explore how books can be used to know and understand yourself better in order to cultivate greater mental health. This session will also encompass strategies for putting your reading time to best use, dealing with prominent reading issues and some literary recommendations for guiding your personal development journey.

Workshop 3:
'The Philosophy of Reading'
Join us for the third workshop in this series where we will further explore the idea that bibliotherapy can be used as tool for addressing different life situations, understanding interpersonal concepts and global perspectives. Our discussion will tap into techniques including mindful reading and connecting with your inner storyteller. We will also consider strategies for building reading into your life as a productive and powerful habit and ways to record your literary expeditions as a way to facilitate personal reflection and greater mental health.

To get the most out of the session, participants are asked to complete a short questionnaire and return it to UWA Extension prior to starting the course. The questionnaire will be sent to you upon enrolment.

Bibliotherapy is not a subject that can be studied at university; neither is it a scientific therapy. Many believe that reading can be healing and very therapeutic.