Globejotting – learn to travel write

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Travelling to new and exciting places makes us all want to find ways to capture our experiences for posterity, and many people decide to keep a travel diary while they’re on the road. But writing down your travels shouldn’t be just a blow-by-blow account of every step along your sightseeing journey. Join travel blogger and writer Amanda Kendle to learn about various ways to write down your travels so that you and your family and friends will enjoy reading them over and over. The course covers journaling,Instagram, scrapbooking both online and off, blogging, memoir, family diary writing and more.


During the Globejotting workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn and practice alternatives to writing down all the details of your travel days
  • Read extracts from some master travel writers and see what we can learn from them, including avoiding cliches, and including a narrative
  • Practise travel diary writing using all the senses
  • Consider ways to add drawing and illustration to your travel journals, even if you’re not artistic
  • Learn about how to use collected travel paraphernalia in your memories
  • Try different scrapbooking techniques, both physical and digital
  • Learn how to create a basic (free) blog to publish your own travel blog, including how to add photos and links, and consider how blog writing is different to other kinds of writing
  • Think about writing a travel memoir for yourself and your family to read


This course will be held at The University Club of Western Australia.

Lunch will be provided and is included in the cost.
If you have any special dietary requirements please email our staff on 48 hour notice is required to meet dietary requirements.