Because Language Series: How Children Learn Language

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By about three years old, every human has performed one of the most complex cognitive feats in the animal kingdom: learning a language.
How do they do it, and when? What can adults do to encourage a child’s language learning?
This session is an accessible look at child language acquisition and its implications for the human mind. There are also some adorable baby videos.

What’s in this session
Nature, nurture, and interaction: Ideas about child language acquisition. What do they know and when? Syntax, morphology, and word meanings. Why do they say ‘pasketti’? Understanding young phonology. Encouraging bilingualism.

By taking this class, you will be able to:
Explain some of the major ideas about child language acquisition Tell about the stages of child language acquisition Name some ways to encourage a child’s language learning Discuss how best to encourage bilingualism, and why