Grammar Therapy II

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Grammar Matters! Grammar holds sentences together, but it also communicates who you are. With the skills found in this course, you will gain a more advanced understanding of the grammar of English, and use this knowledge to make your writing more clear.
This course is directly focused on writing, and gives you facts about language, grammar, and usage. It will help you get up to speed on formal styles, avoid common mistakes, and build a set of tools that you can keep using when the course is done.
This course assumes that you have taken the introductory unit, Grammar Therapy.

Session 1: Advanced grammar and usage
* The yearly updates: How style guides are changing the way we use language
* Getting up to speed with a more formal style
* Avoiding common traps

Session 2: Advanced structure and punctuation * Linking ideas and combining sentences * Creating active sentences * Accents and diacritics * More confusable wordsSession 3: The Writer’s Grammar Tool-kit * Finding a style guide that works for you * Learning what grammar advice to safely ignore * Using your grammar checker for good, not for evil * Websites you can actually use

Daniel Midgley is a linguist, writer, and presenter on the linguistics podcast Talk the Talk. He appears on ABC Radio Perth 720 on the Speakeasy, a weekly segment about language. He teaches linguistics at the University of Western Australia.