Grammar Therapy

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Language helps us think, communicate, and maintain our social relationships, but grammar holds it all together. Grammar Therapy is an enjoyable introduction to English grammar for those who never learned grammar in school. And for those who did, it’s time for an update.
You’ll see how the parts of English fit together, you’ll learn to examine language like a linguist, and you’ll understand how language really works. Best of all, you’ll be equipped with tools to answer all manner of language questions.
Daniel Midgley is a lecturer in linguistics at the University of Western Australia, host of the Speakeasy on ABC Radio Perth, and presenter for the Talk the Talk podcast on RTRFM.

Session 1: Grammar: what and why

  • What is grammar, and what is it for?
  • What are nouns, verbs, and the other parts of speech?
  • What grammar should a person know?

Session 2: Getting gritty with grammar

  • When do you use ‘who’ and ‘whom’?
  • What’s the difference between a subject and an object?
  • Is it okay to use ‘they’ for one person?
  • How do we get answers to language questions using online tools?

Session 3: Phrases and clauses

  • What are phrases and clauses, and why does it matter?
  • What are verb tenses?
  • How do you become a skilful language user?

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