Conversational French - Complete Beginners

In partnership with Alliance Française de Perth we are launching our first conversational French class for complete beginners. Learn the basics of the French language through conversation and oral activities!
Focusing on concrete situations and communication skills, this class will help you learn how to introduce yourself, give and ask for personal details. You will then discover how to find your way and how to travel in a French town or city. Shopping comes next! Learn how to do your grocery shopping at a French market and in little shops. Ask for your favourite products and fill up your shopping bags with cheeses, vegetables, bread and pâtisseries! And eventually, get into the French small talk: describe the weather, give your opinion about concrete items and daily objects, talk about your plans, etc.

This course assumes no prior study, and because the number of participants in the class is kept low (maximum of 22) there is greater opportunity for participation.

Please bring a notepad and pen or pencil.