Spanish for Beginners I

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“Gabby Dolfi's Spanish course was excellent and her lesson delivery was always so productive. This made my beginners extension course a very rewarding experience!” Cheryl Penson 2019

Whether you’re enjoying some tapas in the middle of Madrid, or haggling at the markets in Buenos Aires, you’ll get to know the wonderful locals better with some basic Spanish language.
Using a communicative approach, students practise language in real and recognisable situations in a cultural context. There is an emphasis on speaking and also on building vocabulary and a sound grammar base.

Absolute beginners interested in learning Spanish. This course assumes no prior study.

Class 1:
-Introducing yourself and asking the other person’s name.
-Spanish alphabet -listening to the pronunciation of letters and repeating them.
-Pair work: a simple dialogue exchanging personal details with a classmate.
-The verb TO BE "ser"
-The verb TO BE “estar”. Asking and saying how you feel.
-Numbers from 1 to 100
-Asking your classmate’s phone number and giving yours.

Class 2:
-Regular verbs in the present tense. Rules of conjugation
-Asking and saying where you are from
-Asking and talking about the work you do.
-Talking and asking about the family and family relationships.
-Introducing other people to your family/friends.

Class 3:
-Days of the week, months of the year and dates.
-Numbers from 1 to 1,000.
-Telling the time and the date.
-Talking about the weather.
-Describing your town/city.
-Asking and saying what it is in your suburb, town/city.
-Names of public buildings, shops, etc.

Class 4:
-Asking and saying where to find a certain place.
-Useful short dialogues and phrases for going shopping.
-In a hotel: asking for a room, the price, the facilities.
-Group and pair work: general revision of the whole course.

At the end of the course students will speak enough Spanish to:

  • Greet people and introduce themselves
  • Ask how people are feeling
  • Talk about their own country and ask about a Spanish speaker’s country
  • Ask and tell the time
  • Ask and say where places are
  • Ask about and request accommodation
  • Ask about travel and request and pay for travel tickets

You will need to bring a notebook and pen.
Course notes are provided and you are not required to purchase a textbook but if you would like to progress faster you could obtain a copy of Sueños World Spanish, Student Book 1, published by BBC Books.