Keep Calm and Stress Less!

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If feeling too stressed is distressing you, it’s time to take back control and reconnect to that place of calm and inner peace! Stress is the most commonly cited challenge many of us face on a daily basis.
Severe chronic stress puts us at risk of poor health and mood disorders including anxiety, depression and panic. In this workshop Dr Jenny Brockis will teach you how to recognise symptoms of stress or burnout before they become an issue and how to create your daily stress resilience toolkit and emergency stress response pack to call upon when necessary.

Dr. Jenny Brockis is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author and medical practitioner who believes that rather than ‘just getting by,’ we can all achieve greater success and life satisfaction by embracing the findings of the neuroscience. Long fascinated by the human brain and behaviour, Jenny shares her knowledge and expertise as easy to understand concepts and strategies that can be readily implemented to boost mental performance. Clients find her passion and enthusiasm for her topic infectious, inspiring real change in their business.


This course will be held at The University Club of Western Australia.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided and are included in the cost.