Sleep your way to better health

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Insufficient sleep is known to have detrimental impacts on overall health, yet the majority of the Australian population are depriving themselves of adequate sleep on a nightly basis.
If you’d like to learn more about why we sleep and how it helps keep us healthy then you should attend this session with Dr Jen Walsh. You will learn about the science of sleep, why it is sometimes difficult to sleep and how inadequate quantity or quality sleep is bad for your health. Common sleep disorders will also be explained and some novel treatments will be presented. You will also be provided with some simple tactics to optimise your sleep and improve your health.
The session start time has been strategically chosen to allow a small sleep in but fit with your optimal time of alertness! (Caffeine will be provided for those who need alertness support)
About the Presenter: Dr Jen Walsh is a Lecturer at the Centre for Sleep Science at UWA and a Research Fellow in the Department of Pulmonary Physiology and Sleep Medicine at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth. Jen is a physiologist with a background in cardiovascular and exercise physiology although has focused the last 15 years of her career on investigating the causes of, and treatments for, sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnoea and insomnia.
Jen also coordinates and teaches into three post-graduate courses in Sleep Science and Dental Sleep Medicine at UWA. She is keen to promote healthy sleep practices to the community so that everyone can achieve their optimum health.