DNA and genealogy - what DNA tests can reveal about your family tree

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We all have two Family Trees – one that we can build up from family stories and genealogical records, and another that’s hidden within your DNA. DNA testing for family history purposes is now cheap and accessible. Many people are using these tests and finding new cousins and breaking down stubborn brick walls in tracing their family tree.

What are these DNA tests and what do they reveal? What if there are unexpected results and your two Family Trees don’t agree with each other?

Discover a new approach to genealogy in this fascinating workshop.


Genealogist Mike Murray will cover:

  • basic information on DNA and inheritance
  • the DNA tests that are available (what, where, how much)
  • what if the results don’t match your tree? - Mike’s hidden secret
  • how to interpret and use the results (various analytical tools).


This course will be held at The University Club of Western Australia.