Making the most of superannuation

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When was the last time you looked at your superannuation statement? If you are someone who is serious about planning for your retirement (no matter how near or far away) then you should know more about your superannuation.

Superannuation is a tax-effective structure for retirement savings yet few people take the time to understand it early enough. With restrictions on how much you can contribute, careful planning is a must to ensure your retirement nest egg will be enough.

This half-day intensive course will teach you in simple terms exactly how to make the most of your superannuation. There will also be plenty of time for Q & A and a copy of all material covered will be provided, with room for your notes.


Superannuation structures explained - the pros, cons & costs of each

  • Retail Super Funds
  • Industry Funds
  • Self-Managed Super Funds
  • Super Wraps

Contribution limits and rules

  • Pre-tax V’s Post-tax contribution limits
  • Bring forward provisions & how to make the most of them
  • Contribution splitting & other less known contribution types

Understanding Tax within Superannuation V’s other structures

  • Tax rates in accumulation V’s Pension Phase
  • Worked examples and strategies
  • Is the superannuation tax haven going to last?

Types of Retirement Income Streams

  • When can you access your super
  • Transition to Retirement Income Streams (TRIS’s)
  • Account based pensions explained

Estate Planning & Superannuation

  • Lump sum death benefits
  • Case studies on how to minimise tax upon death
  • How your superannuation relates to your Will

Investment & Superannuation

  • Understand the underlying investments within your super
  • Is the investment mix appropriate for me?
  • How to review and take control of the underlying investments to your advantage
  • What fees am I paying and are they justified?

Bringing it all together

  • A wrap up and time for Q & A’s


This course will be held at The University Club of Western Australia.

Lunch will be provided and is included in the cost. If you have any special dietary requirements please email our staff on once you have booked.